Reflektor is a 2018 born art event in search of emotional truths, quiet contemplations and daring expressions of time and space. It was organized for the first time in 2018 in Kivinokka, a hidden gem in the ourskirts of Helsinki, challenging the public to venture into the dark for a slow recovery from the city hassle.

Since then Reflektor has evolved into a nomad festival that takes over surprising venues all around Finland. Ever moving, ever evolving, born in the darkness, Reflektor is series of festivals and audiovisual projects organized by Reflektor ry. Focus of the festival is to bring the art works close to the people changing city scapes in the process.


Reflektor Vantaa 2021 ↓
Click the images for a slide-show view.

Reflektor Espoo 2021 ↓

Reflektor Presents: Analogue Projections (Kauniainen 2021) ↓

Reflektor Presents: PINK TWINS (Vuosaari 2021) ↓

Reflektor Korso 2020 & 2019 ↓

This first edition of Reflektor was curated by Matti Jykylä from the Finnish light art collective Sun Effects, Tarja Ervasti from The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH and Christina Dvinge, co-founder of the Danish light art festival Reflektor Light Festival and founder of Danish light lab, Kaleidoskop. It was produced by Sun Effects.