Rules are there to be broken in this game. Whether your project is big or small doesn’t make a difference to us. We will go full throttle for the win. If you want something custom and bad-ass you can always contact us and together we can see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

We are an end-to-end design and production company based in Helsinki and Tokyo. Our forte is bringing out-of-the-box visual design and solid productional solutions to audiences around the globe.

Sun Effects works range between events, public spaces, permanent installations and experimental marketing projects. Tools of expression include space, scenography, light, video, interactivity, sound and more.

Aake Otsala
CEO, Japan
Takeshi Kameda
Merri Haanpää
Artistic Director
Matti Jykylä
Executive Assistant
Konsta Viipuri
Back Office
Tero Laitila
Office Assistant
Elina Sallinen
Head Of Production
Marko Nikander
Executive Producer
Katsu Kokubu
Executive Producer
Taneli Kainulainen
Miikka Hietsalo
Sofia Kivelä
Jr. Producer
Sandra Petersen
Head Of Sales
Vertti Ikonen
Sales Director
Miika Riikonen
Panu Pikkuaho
Lari Suominen
Tomi Flyckt
Sr. Tech Designer
Antti Puurula
Sr. Tech Designer
Horst Becker
Tech Designer
Pyry Pakkala
Head of Video
Daniel Richert
Head of CGI
Janne Ahola
Mikko Kunnari
3D Designer
Pekka Tavi
Head of Architectural Lighting Design
Tiiti Hynninen
Sr. System Designer
Riku Sourama
Jenni Pystynen
Jr. Tech Designer
Akseli Forrström
Maintenance Manager
Sami Järvinen
Warehouse Manager
Alex Livingstone
Duncan Matthews
Head of Custom Fabrications
Perttu Multamäki
Mahmood Alsifayyih